Say YES to the Best!

best courage fully live Nov 21, 2016

Learn to Say No to the Good So You Can Say 'Yes' to the Best.

So many people that say they have a ‘good’ life still don’t feel alive. It is so easy to cruise through life and ‘accept’ whatever comes in, especially when it is ‘good.’

“Good is the enemy of great.” – James Collins

First, it is important to DECIDE to live a full life. DECIDE that you are no longer okay barely getting by and being ‘good.’ While it is a blessing to be good and it is important to live a life of gratitude, that gratitude needs to be paired with a self-love that is not stuck in the cycle of being unfulfilled.

When we are grateful for the life we have and we are willing to make DECISIONS to create a life we truly want, one where we are actually excited to wake up in the morning, we can begin to take back our power. We can DECIDE to say ‘no’ to the good things, and only say ‘yes’ to the best things for us.

Self-honesty time: What is that thing that you are settling on? What is ‘good’ in your life that is blocking ‘best’ from entering in? How can you turn your relationships, career, health, mentality, and everything else that is important to you from ‘good’ to ‘best’? What DECISIONS will you make to create the life that you are excited to wake up for?

The keyword of the day is DECIDE:

1.       DECIDE now that you will only settle for the best.

2.       Take an inventory of what is just ‘good’ in your life, say thank you, and then DECIDE that you will level it up.

3.       Review every day, making it a habit.

DECIDE now that you will fully live life and not just exist every single day.

It's time! Make It Happen!



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