You Will Get There

action focus perseverance Nov 18, 2016

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. You Will Eventually Get There.

When we take our eyes off of the prize and focus on the obstacles, we tend to go off track. This thought came to mind a while back: "Where you look is where you go." If you look back in disappointment, you go back in disappointment. 

In looking back, stay focused on the future. Look back to learn how to become better for the future. The equation is straight-forward...


The more we do, the more we learn. The more we learn and apply it, the more we become. The more we become, the more we attract success.

Keep your eyes on the prize! Stay focused and you will eventually get there. Go get em! Make it happen! 





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action Nov 18, 2016

 A Person Who Has Never Made a Mistake Never Tried Anything New. 

 All of the greatest influencers in the world have made mistakes and will continue to. It is the pathway to greatness. We either try something new and make mistakes or, we stay in the same place ‘comfortably’ and don’t move forward.

“A person who never makes a mistake will work for the one who does.” – John Maxwell

Even though avoiding mistakes may seem to feel better, the reality is, it is worse to not grow and to not live up to our potential. When we aren’t true to the potential within us, we aren’t fully true to ourselves. We can feel it deep down inside. Mistakes bring growth. Growth brings happiness.

“Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.”

I am not saying go out and deliberately make mistakes. I am saying go out and take ACTION. If you happen to make a mistake, perfect. Learn from it. Grow...

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