Today I Choose...Confidence

choose confidence Nov 22, 2016

Today I Choose...Confidence

Confidence can be built!

One exercise you can do: Think of a moment that you felt the most confident. If you have a hard time thinking about it within yourself, think of the most confident person you know. Imagine that person right in front of you in their most confident state. Imagine them clearly. How do they stand? How do they speak? How do they interact with others? How do they tackle challenges? Whoever it is, whether it is you at some moment or someone else, imagine yourself stepping into that person at their peak confident state. Really feel their emotions overcome your body and you merge with them. 

What are they feeling? How do they see the world? Now exaggerate the confidence they have. See it growing even more. Since you are in them, you feel exactly what they feel. Allow yourself to do this. Once you can feel these emotions, really tap into them. Now that you are fully in that state of confidence, ask yourself how you would handle...

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