Break Free from Fear and Manifest the Life You've Always Wanted











Break Free from Fear and
Manifest the Life You've Always Wanted!













  • Unlock the most confident, empowered version of yourself 
  • Lead yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you with your purpose 
  • Become the confident, proactive creator of your life instead of living on autopilot
  • Stand tall and confident against any obstacles  
  • Manifest your desired future with an energy of love and excitement instead of fear 

The Life You Deserve Is Waiting

For You To Step Out of Fear!










Looking to unleash the grand potential

and purpose in your life


✅ Ready to invite abundance of love, connection, and wealth into your life


✅ Ready to create real, lasting transformation for your future 


✅ Tired of hitting the same walls over and over again


✅ Constantly facing resistance


✅ Trying to make a positive impact on your loved ones


✅ Tired of surviving instead of living 


✅ Looking for a life you can look back on with pride and joy 


✅ Trying to spread your powerful presence and impact with the world around you



This definitely sounds like me and I'm Ready to Transcend my Fears and Live In Absolute Freedom!





Develop stronger confidence and Step into your power

It's time to develop strong confidence and step into your power!

Fully Live your Life

It's time to fully live your life! There is one life, what will you do with it? Join us!

 Release Fear From Your Subconscious &

Step Into Absolute Freedom




Be honest...

How many of these fears do you see in yourself?


 ◾️You worry that you’re not enough


◾️ You’re scared that you won’t be able to handle success 


◾️ You fear not being loved 


◾️ You’re afraid that you’re unworthy


◾️ You’re insecure


◾️ You’re afraid of failing


◾️ You’re scared of not fulfilling your purpose 


◾️ You’re afraid of disappointing your loved ones


◾️ You’re easily overwhelmed by small events 


◾️ You’re easily triggered and it takes you a long time to emotionally regulate 


◾️ You’re afraid of pushing people away


◾️ You’re afraid of letting people into your life



This is just a small list of the fears that show up in our lives everyday. 


Fears infect everything in our lives. Our success, career, relationships with others, and our relationship with ourselves are all affected by fear. 


When we approach others with fear and caution, they won’t enter our lives with open arms. When we’re afraid of new opportunities, we subconsciously self-sabotage in our careers. 


Everytime you make a decision, any combination of different fears can show up, preventing you from moving forward.




You Can’t Transform Your Future If You Can’t Understand and Break Through Your Fears



You’re Not Free Until

You Break the Cycle of Fear.


How many times do you feel like you’re living the same exact day over and over again?


How many times were you unable to come out of your shell, bring new people into your life, and create exciting opportunities for yourself no matter how much you wanted to? 


How many goals have you set for yourself only to abandon them because you can’t move past the walls you’re hitting?


If this is you, then you’re operating on autopilot. You’re not truly living,

you’re just surviving.



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The Longer You Live In Fear,

The More Time You Waste.

Does this sound like you?


◾️ I know I can do great things but I feel stuck


◾️ I keep feeling resistance pulling me back towards my comfort zone 


◾️ I want to lead myself and my loved ones into abundance, love, and freedom from fear


◾️ I want my legacy to be impactful and powerful but I want more confidence 


◾️ I want deeply connected, affectionate relationships but I’m scared of getting hurt


◾️ I want my future to be more powerful and purposeful than my past


◾️ I want a peaceful inner state of mind but I’m always overwhelmed 


◾️ I want a life of abundance in health, wealth, and happiness 


If you want to see powerful transformation in your outer world, you need to do the work on your inner world first...

There's no getting around it.



Staying Stuck In Fear Means:


  • Never fulfilling your purpose 

  • Living with a lack of wealth, love, and connection instead of abundance

  • Always wondering what kind of life you could have had 

  • Getting sucked into other people’s fear instead of being firm and grounded

  • Living on autopilot every day 

  • Re-living and re-acting to the pain from the past instead of healing forward 


Look at the life you’ve been living in the past. Is it the same life you want to continue living? 


Look at your history, look at the patterns and self-sabotaging behavior that’s held you back, do you want those patterns to run your future as well as your past?


But your future doesn’t have to be the same as your past unless you choose it.  


You know you’re made for more, but you need to overcome your unresolved fears first.



I know what it's like to feel stuck.



I used to be so insecure my nickname used to be passive. I was in my own head all the time that anyone who knew me back then wouldn’t believe what I’m capable of now. 

I felt stuck and caged. I knew I was made for more. I knew that I wanted more confidence, more freedom, more peace. I knew that if I had that, I could finally become the powerful, purpose-driven person I was meant to be.  

I kept hitting the same walls financially, in my relationships, and in literally every aspect of my life. Nothing was improving or things were barely improving. Deep down, I was terrified of change, but at some point, my fear of staying the same was bigger than my fear of change.

So for 26 years, I poured tens of thousands of dollars many times over and obsessively put countless hours into becoming a human behavior expert. 





I became obsessed with patterns and how we can get inside our own subconscious to create new, healthy patterns that aren’t fear-based.

I’ve been on panels with world renowned experts in the field of trauma healing, gone on stage in front of 35,000 people to spread my message, and given two TedX talks on overcoming fears.   


I’ve coached world leaders, influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and billionaires. No matter who you are, the path from fear to freedom is the same.  


If you’re ready for a life of freedom, authenticity, and abundance you need to unlock the patterns in your subconscious mind. That’s where your fears and incorrect beliefs come from. 




Why “Fear to Freedom:

Getting Unstuck”

will work:


You might have tried other programs but keep feeling like you aren’t moving forward. Those programs aren’t working because they aren’t addressing the root cause of your fear. 


The Life You Deserve Is Waiting

That why in this course I’ll be taking the time to give you intimate knowledge on how to:


✅ Understand and release incorrect belief systems 


✅ Remove patterns that have kept you stuck internally 


Identify and overcome the blocks from your past


✅ Reprogram your subconscious mind for the future you desire


✅ Embody unstoppable confidence in the present moment


✅ Overcome resistance and intense emotions when it shows up


This is just a sneak peak into what you’ll be getting at the event! 


All the healing modalities and principles in this event are rooted in evidence-based, scientific principles, proven results from the past, and cutting-edge research. 

Join us on May 20th to get the full, immersive healing experience to help you transcend the fears holding you back and live in absolute freedom.




Getting Unstuck Not About Inspiration,

It’s About Transformation


You’re not free now because you’re living a fear-based life and you make fear-based decisions.  

But imagine if you were able to make proactive choices that aren’t rooted in fear. 


Have you ever wondered what kind of person you’ll be or what kind of life you’ll lead if your limiting beliefs and fears weren’t in the way?

Harness the Power of

Absolute Freedom


Free yourself from fear, doubts, and others’ expectations. 


This transformation is about YOU.

Your power.

Your impact.

Your Purpose.

Your Liberation.





He is my secret sauce to success! Don’t waste another minute without Henry on your team! He is the A+ player you need to grow!




Taylor H

Henry Ammar has a unique gift for transforming complex subjects, simplifying them, and helping maximize the full potential of people and businesses to an accelerated level they would not have achieved on their own.



Abe M

Henry Ammar is simply wonderful: a big heart, a clear mind and an engaging personality that is both larger than life and that has the intimacy of a school friend. He is a gifted inspiring speaker, one of the very best I have ever heard.



Alcino S.
World-Renowned Neuroscientist

I really enjoyed your class on Saturday! I feel like I realized that lately I am so busy... but because of you and your courses it's that I'm busy with Opportunity! I have found opportunities & they have found me and it's for my growth & improvement, and I know it's because of you! So Thank You! I loved the whole thing & people I met! Your community is outstanding!!! So just thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you!


Heather C.

Henry the course you just hosted was AMAZING, you made me see myself in a new light and felt things I never experienced before! Thank you so much! I could listen to that course a million times!




Sarah C.

Henry! That was out of this world amazing. The container you held was so full of light it was spilling over. I am so honored to be on this earth with you. You changed people's live tonight. I could feel the shifts happening. Blown away by you. You changed my life.




Courtney G.

 "Fear to Freedom: Getting Unstuck" is now just $47 instead of $197 

Claim your seat before the offer runs out!




Going from a fear-based life to absolute freedom

will help you:


Lead life with confidence instead of making fear-based decisions


✅ Let go of old patterns that no longer serve you


Invite abundance, opportunities, and excitement into your life


✅ Unlock an elevated inner state of peace, clarity, and groundedness


✅ Develop compassionate curiosity to understand where your fears stem from


Make decisions that are in alignment with your true values


Unveil a higher level of creativity and self-expression


You Can Either Do It Wrong by Yourself Or Do It Right With an Expert

I’ve spent 26 years endlessly researching and perfecting these healing principles so you don’t have to. The hard work has already been done so you can jump right into healing and transforming.


Would you rather waste years trying to heal by yourself or:


◾️ Speed up your transformation with science-backed healing processes


 ◾️Learn actionable steps to reprogramming your patterns within 12 weeks


◾️ Be guided by cutting edge research and proven trauma-informed healing methods


◾️ Get a personal walkthrough to each step in the process by an expert in the field


◾️ Connect with a network of experts and a loving, supportive community healing together







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All It Takes is One Breakthrough To Change Absolutely Everything


The only thing harder than change is not changing.

Here’s what happens if you don’t change and don’t take action:


  • Your feelings of being stuck will get stronger

  • You’ll keep hitting the same walls

  • You’ll feel the world around you move forward while you stay stuck  

  • You’ll keep re-living the wounds from the past

But your future doesn’t have to be the same as your past unless you choose it.  


You deserve better, and you know it. You’re made for a bigger, greater purpose in this life that can change not just your life, but the lives of those around you too.  

I’ve spent 26 years dedicating my life to helping others tap into their freedom and achieving breakthroughs. The one thing I’ve learned is this: anyone and everyone can change if they have the right tools and resources. 

Time is of the essence! Remember, the longer you stay trapped in your cycle of fear, the harder it’s going to be for your nervous system to give up these unhealthy patterns. 


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 I Created This Course Because

There’s Too Much Fear

In The World.


 I've spent so much of my life stuck in my old toxic patterns, and stuck in a place of fear until I discovered the life-changing principles in this course. 


I literally see so many people not living up to their potential, stuck in their patterns and fears, people feeling miserable, and people not feeling fulfilled in life, and it's time to break free from all of that. 


I created this so that everyone has access to the same science-backed healing principles that have helped countless others achieve life-changing breakthroughs.


I want people to live their life more fully and create an impact that helps not just them but those around them. Look around the world we live in now. There's too much suffering in the world, too many people aren't living their potential, too many people feel stuck, too many people keep hitting a wall when they try to create an impact.


I'm giving you the evidence based science, the tools, resources, and support you need to create that impact in your life and achieve your ultimate breakthrough. 


I'm doing all of this because I wish I would have had this a long time ago. It wouldn't have taken me 26 years to develop and I missed out opportunities, but I'm grateful for everything I went through so I could learn it so I can teach it to you.


There's a great purpose and ambition in you that is calling forward for it to come into the world. My hope for you is that you will successfully achieve your ultimate breakthrough and create the life that you want and lead a life where you make the most impact on the world.

In-person and virtual event

Saturday, May 20, 2023

9:00am - 12:30pm

Location: 6800 Highland Drive Suite 200 Cottonwood Heights, Utah

(Please check your email for the zoom link.)

Sign up now and make a difference for the rest of your life.

The world needs more people, good people, to be abundant and to make a loving, positive impact on the world.


So we're calling people to become a voice of love in the world, we're calling people to step into their leadership, and to step into their own abundance so they can give more in the world but also receive more.


This is not just about me or you, it's about really making your life better, making the lives of your loved ones better, and ultimately making this world a better place by spreading love and abundance.




Who is Henry Ammar?



I have been obsessed with human behavior for over 25 years and in that time I've traveled extensively and studied under experts in the field to understand why millions of people stay stuck in their cycle of fear when what they really want to do is unleash their impact.

For the past 2 decades I've mentored people who thought they were beyond help. From the biggest influencers, entrepreneurs, millionaires, celebrities – you name it – they came to me because they knew they needed a real, transformative breakthrough that would finally help them unleash their abundance and share their impact on the world.


So, I’m not here to just give you inspiration and motivation - you could easily find that anywhere else. This process is going to be different. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way as you create real transformation inside you that’s going to completely change every single day of your life. No more living in auto-pilot, no more waiting for a miracle, no more living in fear and self-doubt. I’ve coached countless driven, committed people who followed these steps to create abundance, success, and loving relationships in their lives. If they can do it, and if I could do it, you can do it too.

Take this journey and I promise you, you’ll be forever grateful for this chance to become the loving leader in your own life, and lead the world around you with your wise, loving, powerful presence.



I’ve been on panels with experts in the fields of neuroscience, mental health, and emotional well-being, and I’ve developed these guided processes with a unique, trauma-informed perspective to guarantee you get to the root of the pain and the trauma that’s kept you blocked. 

I know what it’s like to be terrified of change, I know because I used to live in a fear-based state that paralyzed me everyday. But as soon as I applied these principles and took my subconscious fears and made them conscious, it’s like my entire life changed overnight. New doors opened up in my career and I became a real estate manager handling multi-million dollar deals in my 20s, my confidence reached unstoppable heights, and it felt like I was finally living the life I was meant to live. 

You’ve made it this far, I know you have what it takes to truly transform your life and commit to your healing journey. The life you were meant to live is waiting for you to overcome your fears, make a powerful, loving impact on yourself and the world around you, and invite abundance to your life.


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